Innovation creates progress
and progress is what drives us.

Our strategy aims to capitalize on our many decades of industry knowledge, to recognize opportunities from the fields of technology and innovation, and to optimally implement these for our customers as individual product solutions. Continuous process management, extensive experience in material processing, and close cooperation with our customers and partners enable us to manufacture components that exceed the exacting standards of the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

Precisions Work

Smooth-running, closely-toleranced machinery requires not only precise planning, but also precise manufacturing. Our high-performance machinery and trained employees enable the best conditions for high precision work at all stages.

Innovation Spirit

We have maintained our innovative spirit for over 150 years, and we put it to the test daily in all areas of our business. We know that outstanding customer benefits only arise if we question, evaluate and optimize every single production step.

Customer Focus

Changing market requirements, increasing customer demands and constant cost pressure — we are very familiar with the requirements of our customers. And so our highest priority is on achieving long-term partnerships which focus on cooperation, personal service, first-class quality, and continuous improvement. 

Quality management

Measure the product. Prove the process. Control the parameters. Every step ensures product quality. That's why we employ state-of-the-art measuring equipment, and effective processes which — together with the expert eyes of our personnel — enforce the highest quality standards and the manufacture of first-class forgings.